Bio-security reminder issued to Racing industry

The British Horseracing Authority have issued notification that four new cases of Equine Influenza (EI) have been identified in the Newmarket population.  We strongly advise ARO participants to read/ download the guidance circulated by the National Trainers Federation and BHA in regard to the prevention and containment of infectious diseases.

The Arabian racing population has, as yet, remained unaffected by the recent EI outbreak but vigilance and caution are advised; being aware of potential avenues of contamination and knowing how to deal with it are of the highest importance.

ARO is liaising with the BHA to establish what, if any, updated vaccination procedures will be required for Arabians to run on GB courses this season.  In the meantime, please make sure that all horses in your yard have up to date flu vaccinations in line with BHA vaccination rules, which can be found here.

The NTF document on bio-security can be downloaded and viewed here: NTF Codes of Practice 2019