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03.05.19 Chepstow 17:35

Shadwell Arabian Stallions Maiden Stakes

Jockey Changes –      1 JAAHEZ (FR) – Dane O’Neill

2 KAYNOO – Mr Ciaran Jones (5)

Colour Change – 1 to wear blue cap and 6 to wear black cap.

Test – 3 PARAMER ANGEL (Winner)

Noted Whip – Mr D Turner: 9x from approaching final furlong. Stewards did not consider it a breach.


28.05.19 Brighton 13:30

Al Khawassa Amateur Riders Hands and Heels Handicap Stakes

The Starter reported that Miss Antonia Peck, the rider of MY BOY SAM, had originally entered the wrong stall.  The rider and Starter were interviewed and shown recordings of the incident.  The rider was cautioned.

Mr Simon Walker, the rider of the winner, KIRAA (FR), had appeared to use his whip contrary to the Conditions of the race.  After being interviewed and shown recordings of the incident, Mr Walker was suspended for 2 days for improper riding, on dates to be notified to him.


09.06.19 Wolverhampton

Race 1

Mr D Turner, the jockey of ELM AVICII was spoken to with regard to use of his whip when apparently out of contention. His explanation that he thought that there was prize money to sixth place.

Race 2

Trainers Mr Newey, Mr Simmons, and Mrs Plumb were all warned to ensure that their horses were to be in the paddock on time in future.

An enquiry into the start of this race was held to consider the actions and comments of Mr M Palmer, whose horse, BIN AL REEH kicked another runner, ZAYIN ZACHILLES, then whipping round, as the start was effected. Mr Palmer, and the starter Mr Colley were interviewed, and Mr Palmer was found to be in breach of rule 19(xi) and fined £100.

The trainer Mr P Hammersley was later also shown the start, where concern was expressed that horses were not allowed to move through the start soon enough, causing bunching and potential injury to horses. The stewards explained that the starter had been correct, in that he had started the race as the incident occurred, and that the starter held the tapes to effect an even start since horses were approaching at different paces.

Race 3

Nothing to report

Race 4

Permission was given for CALLYMAY to be led to post

Permission was given for JOHARA BINT SHUWAIMAN to go early to post and be mounted on the track.

Winner STONEHENGE, was tested.

Race 5

Nothing to report

Race 6

Nothing to report

Race 7

Permission was given for HALIB DES FORGES to wear a hood in the Parade Ring.

Approaching the final furlong, the second RAFEEF, shifted slightly left causing a bump to HALIB DES FORGES, placed third, resulting in him becoming briefly unbalanced, but after viewing a recording of the incident, it was found that no riding offence was involved, and that it had not improved the placing of RAFEEF

The Starter reported that Miss A Peck, the rider of RAFEEF, had encouraged her horse forward to canter in prior to the start being effected, thereby causing a false start. The stewards reviewed the start, and all riders, Mr Harrison, Miss Mason and Miss Peck, and the Starter were interviewed, and recordings of the incident were shown. Having reviewed recordings of the false start, the Stewards were satisfied that no individual rider should be reported for contravening the starting procedures, although all riders were cautioned.

28.07.19 Newbury

Race 1

Charlie Price reported that PARAMER ANGEL, placed fifth, ran flat.

Race 2

KAIR AL CHAM (FR) – Tested

Mr D Turner – 10 hits from 3 out, spoken to.

AVEZ DE PINE (IT) – Vaccination error, £90 fine for Endo Botti

Race 3

METHGAL (FR) – Tested

Race 4

CONCHITA D.A. (BE) – Tested.

Race 5

BAYAN (FR) – Tested

Race 6

GAZWAN – Tested


11.08.19 Windsor


Mme Bernard was fined £90 as the record of vaccinations in the passport of HARJES (TN) did not comply with the Rules of Racing.


18.08.19 Wolverhampton


The Starter reported that ZAYIN ZYPERION reared over when presented to the starting stalls and was withdrawn. Mr P J Hammersley was informed that the colt could not run until the day after passing a stalls test.

An enquiry was held following a report from the Starter that Mike Palmer, the rider of ZAYIN ZYPERION, had used inappropriate language after the withdrawal of the colt. The Starter, the stalls handler and the rider were interviewed and having heard their evidence, Palmer was found guilty of improper conduct and fined £100.

Tested No2 IZENTERISKY (Winner)


Permission was given for AL BUSTAN to go early to post and JOHARA BINT SHUWAIMAN to be mounted on the course.

JOHARA BINT SHUWAIMAN was withdrawn by the Stewards at 1.27pm having unseated the rider and galloped loose for a circuit of the track.

The Starter reported that girth of B WING, trained by Mr A S Newey, had broken and was replaced. The girth was inspected and as it was found to be in a serviceable condition, no further action was taken.


Permission was given for CALLYMAY to be led to post.

An enquiry was held to consider interference approximately 1 furlong after the start when VINDETTA, placed fourth, ridden by James Harding interfered with BIN AL REEH, unplaced, ridden by Antonia Peck, and JAWDAH, unplaced, ridden by Alex Chadwick.   James Harding was suspended for 3 days for careless riding as he maneuvered left towards the rail when not sufficiently clear, causing Peck and Chadwick to be checked.

Test No 1 JAWDAH (Beaten favourite)


Permission was given for AL MUTHANA to wear a hood in the parade ring.

Having reviewed the start, the Stewards were satisfied that MAWARID had reared after the stalls had opened causing Martin Dwyer to be unseated, and accordingly the gelding was deemed a runner.

An enquiry was held to consider the placings in this race after interference on two occasions inside the final furlong when the winner ABIYAH ATHBAH, ridden by Mr David Turner interfered with DALEEL, placed third, ridden by Ella Mackenzie.  The Stewards considered that the interference had improved ABIYAH ATHBAH’s placing as approaching ½ furlong out DALEEL had to be severely checked against the rail, before again having to be checked on the run to the line, which prevented Mackenzie to be able to ride a finish, before being beaten a short head and a length. On both occasions the interference had been caused by ABIYAH ATHBAH and having given consideration to the significant amount of ground and momentum lost by DALEEL the placings were revised as follows: 1st TIJAARY (FR), 2nd DALEEL (FR), 3rd ABIYAH ATHBAH.  Turner was suspended for 11 days for improper riding in that approaching the ½ furlong marker he maneuvered his mount sharply left towards the rail in an attempt to block the path of DALEEL, causing considerable interference. Turner was further suspended for 2 days for careless riding in that he allowed his mount to drift left without correction causing further interference to Mackenzie.

David Turner, the rider of ABIYAH ATHBAH, placed third, was suspended for 4 days for using his whip above the permitted level from approaching 2 furlongs out.


Test JAAHEZ (Winner)

No Reports


Permission was given for RAFEEF to wear a hood in the parade ring.

No reports

Tested No 6 HALIB DES FORGES (FR) – Winner

Non- Runners


Jockey Changes

Race 2 – KIRAA – Charlie Price

Race 3 – CALLYMAY – Charlie Price

Race 4 – AL MONTHER – Charlie Price

Race 5 – PHARITZ FAHR – Mr David Turner

Cap changes

Race 1

ALAMEEN – Black cap

MUSTAFEED – Blue with white stripes

Race 3

JAWDAH – Black cap

AL BUSTAN – Blue cap with white stripes

Race 4

AL MONTHER – Black cap

MAWARID – Blue cap with white stripes

Race 5

AL HAKEEM – Blue cap with white stripes

TAQDEERAT – Black cap

Race 6

AL KAASER – Black cap

RAFEEF – Blue cap with white stripes


Mr James Harding – Careless – 3 days

Mr Mike Palmer – Misconduct towards an official – £100

Mr David Turner – Improper – 11 days

Mr David Turner – Careless – 2 days

Mr David Turner – Above permitted level – 4 days


24.08.19 Chelmsford City Racecourse


The Stewards held an enquiry into possible interference approximately 3 furlongs out. They found that BIN AL REEH, placed third, ridden by Miss Antonia Peck, interfered with the winner, AL BUSTAN, ridden by Mr Stephen Harrison, which in turn interfered with MAN OF DREAMS, unplaced, ridden by Mr D Turner.  The Stewards found Miss Peck in breach of Rule (B)54.1 of the British Horseracing Authority Regulations for Arabian Horse Racing and guilty of careless riding in that she had allowed her mount to drift left-handed on the bend causing it to make contact with AL BUSTAN which was taken off its intended line and, as a consequence, MAN OF DREAMS, which was weakening, had to be checked off heels.  They suspended her for 2 days on dates to be notified to her.


Mr D Turner reported that MAN OF DREAMS, unplaced, suffered interference turning in.  Sophie Ralston reported that STONEHENGE, placed fifth, was outpaced in the early stages.


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