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Welcome to our Breeding page

On this page you will find lots of articles and information for everybody from breeding and choosing a mating to information on bloodlines.

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CS Comete with her foal Zayin Zeus May – Picture courtesy of Paul Simmons of Zayin Arabian Stud


ARO Useful Links

Our Useful Links are split into the following sections. Please contact us if you have an arabian-related site with which you would like to do a link exchange.

Arabian Racing & Performance Studs in UK: – Breeders of racewinners and endurance race winners. Arabian race horses for sale. – Breeders of racewinner and endurance race winner. Arabian race horse for sale.  – Leading endurance and racehorses breeders, home of Chatelaine and son Chatanz and British Endurance champion Franzara – Arabian race horses for sale  – Breeders of Badminton 3 Day Event winner Tamarillo (PBA) and stand AHS Premium Stallion Sisyrinchium, sire of endurance horses.  – Home of rare Bahrainian blooded Arabian horses, home of leading endurance horses inc. Krayaan Jesra & former British Bred Racing Champion Al Reeh Janoob.   – Home of excellent race sires including European Triple Crown winner and Champion sire Bengali D’Albret and top class G1 winners – No Risk Al Maury, Madjani, Jiyush, Eau Royal, Fadjik, Prince D’Orient, Al Saoudi, Chndaka.  – Home beautiful Arabian horses and Russian Classic winner Artist (sire of racewinners).  – Incredible collection of stunning Arabian horses and Polish show/performance sires Pilot & Piechur (sire of racewinners).   – Performance Arabians and breeders of World Class Endurance champion Hachim and home of Russian Classic winner Sambist  – Heritage Coast Stud stands Anglo performance sires Heritage Orion & Nero and Top class Russian racehorse Vadeer – Home of Endurance sires Shah Shadow & Vlacq Khazad.  – Breeders of Anglo & Pure bred performance Arabians and stand Anglo Sarfraz and Pure bred Indian Samba  – Home of Carol and her father Eric Legg’s superb race and endurance horses inc. Champion Mushammer and Midnite Dream, and top endurance horses Mystic Dream and French Lieutenant.  – Home of stunning straight Russian mares and the wonderful BNC Toman (by Grand).  – Show/ performance horses inc. Rumak (sire of Racewinners) – breeders of my foundation mare Autumn Columbine.  – Stand the beautifully bred Drug son Adres & Arastin  – Breeders of leading broodmare Cikada dam of our CS Comete  – AI centre and stores top stallions semen –Madjani, No Risk Al Maury, Mared Al Sahra, DA Adios, Djendel, Parador & Fadjik – Leading endurance breeder/rider Sue Rich, stand Czarus at stud.

Amyzing as foal with Jumah 2006

Picture – Amyzing Zayin with Jumah – Courtesy of Paul Simmons of Zayin Arabian Stud

European Arabian Racing Studs:  – Dutch stud stands beautiful Arabians and performance sires from Russian and French bloodlines – Arabian race horses for sale.  – Leading Breeders of Arabian racehorses in Sweden.  – Switzerland stud breeding high class Arabian race horse  – Home of superb French stallions inc. Darike, Djel Bon, Al Nasr & Magic de Piboul.  – German Arabian Stud stands beautiful Arabians and some Russian performance sires.  – Breeders of top class Racing Arabians in France  – Breeder & trainer of leading racing Arabians  – Breeders of top class Racing Arabians in France – Agents for superb sire Akim De Ducor. – Breeders of classy racing Arabians like Al Mamun Monlau

CS Comete with Zayin Zachilles August 2009

Picture – CS Comete with Zayin Zachilles – Courtesy of Paul Simmons of Zayin Arabian Stud

American Arabian Racing Studs:   – Elite performance stallions standing at stud inc. DA Adios, Genuine Monarch & Nivour de Cardonne (owned by Shadwell).  – Leading breeders of Arabian racehorses and home to TH Richie American Triple Crown winner and his sire Calin du Loup & Doran SBFAR.  – Home of Top class Kador De Blaziet  – Top class sire Burning Sand  – Home of leading racehorse sires Zachzell, Darwinn, KA Czubuthan, Kusu Man, Sudden Mischief, Sunny Rainbow, Oman De Blaziet, Jolly By Golly, Ala Croixnoire & Chndaka (owned by Shadwell).   – Home of top sires Patriot Missle & Dreams of Valour  – Home of Djetset De Falgas  – Home of  Santana HF  – Breeders of quality racing Arabians – TABA Arabian racing in Texas. – American endurance stud


Photo courtesy of Shadwell – a filly by the Shadwell stallion No Risk Al Maury

UAE/Qatar/Saudi Arabian Racing Studs:   – Home to top class Djendel, Parador & Arawak D’Aroco  – Home of superb International race sires Majd Al Arab, Djebbel, Nizam & the incomparable Amer. – Home of top sires TH Ritchie, Al Nasr, Djel Bon, Darike, Elios De Carrere, Calin Du Loup and Abu Alemarat. – Home of top class race and show Arabians.


Photo courtesy of The Royal Cavalry Of Oman

General Arab related Websites:   – UK Arabian Racing Organisation (ARO) – UK Arabian racing form.  – News, views and issues includes dedicated Arabian race section and details of Arabs for sale  – Magazine covering all aspects of the Arabian horse including racing and endurance.   – World wide Arabian racing magazine which covers race reports from USA, France, USA, UAE & UK. – Arab Horse Society (AHS) UK. – AHS Premium Scheme. – AHS Marathon 26 Miles Annual – South West AHS Group – South East AHS Group  – UAE Equestrian & Racing Federation Abu Dhabi  – UAE Arabian race-form site  – The International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Authorities – Arabian  horse pedigrees  – UK Endurance Website. – Endurance Archive of results.  – For everything Arabian!  – French Arabian Racing Association. –  Arqana Annual Sale of Arab Racehorses in September. – Website selling Black Arabians – Website design. – High Tor Arabians – DMG Arabians – Home of the wonderful FS Ronaldo – Home of stallion Saudee – Woodbank Black Arabians

Jaldi Karo pic
Photo courtesy of C1 Photography – Jaldi Karo beats Radwah at Huntingdon 2014

Thank you very much to Paul Simmons for his input on this page.

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