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If you would like to run abroad the best place to start is to find a suitable race for your horse.

The International Racing Bureau’s Trainers’ Service is an established department that provides a valuable service to assist trainers wishing to run their horses abroad.

The department prides itself in providing a fast and highly efficient service to trainers which includes:

  • Finding suitable races for horses abroad.
  • Entering horses in any foreign races.
  • Providing a list of entries with the following information: weights, ratings or form, forfeit, declaration and cancellation dates and updating those lists at every different stage.
  • Up-to-date ground and weather reports leading up to a meeting.
  • Carry out forfeits, declarations and cancellations when instructed.
  • Find local jockeys when requested.
  • Provide any further information when required.

The knowledge and experience gained in over 45 years puts the Trainers’ Service Department at the head of its field.

To contact this department please call James Fry, Barbie Hurrell or Richard Penney on +44 (0) 1638 668881 or email:

French Purebred Arabian Racing calendar can be accessed by clicking here , select Calendrier, you can then select 3 year olds, 4 year olds and up or Intentional and a list will appear of Purebred Arabian races.

Belgium is also a popular destination to travel to from the UK with some exciting races including HARC qualified horse races which attract additional premiums. For more information on running in Belgium please contact Nelly Philippot on

If you wish to go to Holland to race the Dutch Arabian Racing Committee can help you. The best contact for them is M.De Ruiter-Floor . Their facebook page is Dutch Arab Racing Committee – DARC.

If you do run abroad ARO can help with performance certificates and racecourse clearance notifications which will need to be sent before any declarations are made. Jockey experience and conditions vary from country to country so please make sure that you are qualified or have a qualified Jockey to ride for you. We recommend LG Bloodstock Shipping for any travel requirements you may have:

“In August 2010, James Luck and Lucy Greayer founded Luck Greayer (LG) Bloodstock Shipping. With over thirty combined years in the Bloodstock Shipping Industry behind us, we felt that it was time to offer a new bespoke shipping service based around our core beliefs of service, quality and attention to detail. To contact LG Bloodstock please go to

Once you have run abroad you must fill in an ARO Foreign Performance form so that this can be added to your horses form. Please click on the link below and print off a copy then email the completed form to

ARO Foreign Performance form

If you need any more help or advice, please contact the ARO office on 01635 524 445.

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