The Arabian Racing Organisation (ARO) is delighted to confirm further updates to the UK Breeders Incentive Scheme, designed to reward UK Arabian breeders who race their horses with ARO in 2022. The scheme will offer monetary incentives per race (excluding black type races) to the ARO UK registered breeder of any horse placed first, second or third in Purebred Arabian Races under the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) regulations for Arabian Horse Racing 2022.

To be eligible:

–                 The breeder/owner, must be registered with ARO in 2022 and confirm they are domiciled in the UK (proof of address is required).

–                 Arabians must be bred in the UK and registered with the Arab Horse Society (passport to confirm the breeder).

–                 Horses must finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd in any eligible Purebred Arabian race in the UK in 2022 (excluding Listed, Group Races).

Incentive payments with regard to the scheme will be transferred into the ARO Client Account of the registered breeder/owner as follows:

Finishing Position:                     ARO Breeders Incentive Payment:

1st                                                                        £75

2nd                                                                       £50

3rd                                                                        £25

Total available per race:                       £150

In eligible races that are won by a non-qualified horse/breeder, the bonus scheme prize money will accumulate into the UK Arabian Breeders Fund and supplement the total funding available in 2022.

Throughout the season there will be a points system to establish the ‘Leading UK Breeder’ of 2022, as well as recognition for the second and third placed breeder.  The Leading UK Breeder will be awarded a nomination to a selected stallion free of charge – though this does not include the veterinary, technical and shipment costs which remain payable by the breeder.

Genny Haynes, ARO Chief Executive Officer commented: “ARO is pleased to confirm the payments for this initiative for 2022. This is just one of several incentives that we have introduced this season, such as membership of the Racehorse Owners Association and travel allowances for horses finishing seventh and eighth in selected races. ARO is committed to invigorating the owning and breeding of racing Arabians in the UK, we want to reward our owners and breeders for their efforts and will continue to look at ways in which we can grow our sport.”