The Arabian Racing Organisation (ARO) is thrilled to announce today that the equine digital medicines register platform provider Equine MediRecord (EMR) will be supporting UK Arabian racing as an associate sponsor for 2022. In 2020 ARO was the first European racing organisation, and only the second in the world, to embrace the EMR system and make it mandatory for all horses racing under their rules, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance and equine welfare.

Pierce Dargan, CEO of EMR said: “With the progression of Arabian racing in the UK and its’ further integration into the British thoroughbred racing industry, we are very excited to strengthen our association with ARO. We have always been grateful to ARO for the early adoption of our system, and we look forward to the start of the new season in two weeks time.”

Genny Haynes, ARO CEO commented: “ARO is delighted that Equine MediRecord have increased their involvement in the sport in the UK by becoming an associate sponsor. Their support will help to advance Arabian racing in the UK and create a structure that offers both stability and sustainability.

“We recognised very early on what a great benefit to racing and horse welfare their system was. A decision that has been vindicated by its uptake around the world by a variety of organisations and at many of the major international racing festivals including the Breeders Cup and the Saudi Cup. We look forward to building on our relationship throughout 2022.”